Social Media Policy for Caerphilly RFC

                                        Social Media Policy for Caerphilly RFC         


Most people now have some form of social media account. We recognise that the  internet provides unique opportunities to participate in interactive discussions and  share information on relevant topics. We use social media across a number of  platforms at Caerphilly RFC (CRFC) such as Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and  Instagram.  

We use it publicly to raise awareness, to ask people to support our events and many  other things. It is a fantastic way of reaching our members and the wider community  to promote our Club. We also use closed groups to communicate within teams.  

We encourage the responsible use of social media. This policy sets out what we  expect from anyone associated with CRFC when using social media.   

CRFC players, coaches, team managers, Club officials, match officials, and referee  advisers are all bound by the WRU Social Media and Communications Code of  Conduct    wru-safeguarding-policy-2019.pdf (

( However, CRFC expect the same standards to be  maintained by our staff, members, parents, and family members to uphold the WRU  and Club values of community rugby.  

It is important to remember that we are all ambassadors for the Club and that social  media is never private.  

This policy aims to: 

 Encourage individuals to take responsibility for what they write, exercise good  judgement and common sense. 

• Give clear guidelines on what can be said about the Club, or anyone  associated with the Club.  

• Comply with legislation.  

• Help draw a line between private lives and Club roles. 

• Be clear about sensitive issues such as monitoring and explain how problems  with inappropriate use will be addressed.  

Purpose of this Policy  

• Protect the Club against liability for the actions of others.  

• Protect anyone involved or associated with CRFC.  

• Uphold the Club values and reputation of community rugby in Wales. 


Club Personnel responsible for implementing the policy  

• CRFC Officers, Committee and Safeguarding officer are responsible for  implementing and operating this policy, ensuring all Club associates understand the standards expected and taking action when conduct falls  below that expected. 

• All stakeholders are responsible for the success of this policy and are required to read and understand it. Any misuse of social media or questions regarding  the content or application of this policy should be reported to CRFC Committee and Safeguarding officer. 

• Any content, which raises a safeguarding concern, must be reported to the  Safeguarding officer in line with the reporting procedures outlined in WRU Safeguarding Policy.  

Guidelines for responsible use of social media  

While the Club positively encourages social networking amongst its associates, we must ensure that all content is suitable for publication and does not breach any laws or common decency. The following sections of the policy provide common-sense guidelines, expectations, and recommendations for using social media responsibly  and safely.  

It is not acceptable to post, amongst others, items that may include reference to a  person’s ethnic origin, colour, race, nationality, faith, gender, sexual orientation or  disability, and anyone found to have posted such items will be subject to disciplinary  action. Comments of this nature may attract civil or criminal action against the  author(s). In addition, any abuse of match officials, opposition etc may be deemed by  the WRU to bring the game into disrepute and lead to disciplinary sanctions against  both the author and/or the Club. Participants should be aware that comments which  bring the game into disrepute, or are threatening, abusive, indecent or insulting, may  lead to disciplinary action. Comments can also attract civil and criminal action.  

1. Individuals must not post disparaging or defamatory statements about CRFC. 

2. Show respect to others, including other associates of CRFC and the wider rugby community, and act at all times within the core values of the game. 

3. Understand that re-posting or re-tweeting inappropriate content represents an endorsement of that content and can be actionable.  

4. Do not use abusive, derogatory, or sexual language.  

5. Do not criticise or imply bias in match officials. 

6. At all times, exercise discretion and respect for clubs, players, supporters, and the game. 

7. Social communications that may be misconstrued in a way that could damage our reputation, even indirectly, should be avoided.  

8. Individuals are personally responsible for their communication on social media. Keep this in mind when posting content. If in doubt, do not post it.  

9. Consent must be obtained before using a photograph or quote from someone on  social media.  

10. Do not tag anyone in photos on social media. This is because the person in the  image may be vulnerable or under 18.  

11. There is no obligation for individuals to link their personal social media accounts  to any CRFC social media account.  

12. Do not set up a social media account, which represents CRFC before seeking  approval from the committee first.  

13. Do not use any CRFC social media account to broadcast personal views or  messages that do not represent CRFC. Personal social media accounts should  be used for any personal views or private messages.  

14. Ensure the privacy settings of any social media sites used are set to the  appropriate level and limit who can see your information, if necessary.  

15. If individuals within the Mini & Junior section have a grievance or complaint,  please follow the Minis & Juniors Complaints Procedure or refer the matter to the  Safeguarding officer as necessary. Do not take to social media. Failure to  comply with this may result in sanctions to be determined by the Club committee.   

16. If individuals associated with the Club (not within the Mini & Junior section) have  a grievance or complaint, please refer the matter to the Club committee. Do not  take to social media. Failure to comply with this may result in sanctions to be  determined by the Club committee.  

17. Confidentiality must always be respected, and confidential information protected.  

18. CRFC is run entirely by volunteers. The Club Officers, Committee, Youth and  Mini & Junior section officials are all volunteers. Please consider this when posting on social media.


Dos and Don’ts  

Follow the general guidelines above and:  

• Do show your personality and be approachable.  

• Do share your achievements.

. Do post regular comments to grow and engage with an audience.

• Do post content that upholds the core values of the game  

• Do report any content that you encounter that is in breach of this policy.

• Don’t comment if you have any concerns about the consequences.

• Don’t link to unsuitable content.  

• Don’t get into disputes with an audience.  

• Don’t share or elicit personal detail.  

Consequences of Social Media Misuse  

All reports of cyber-bullying and other technology misuses will be investigated fully  and may result in notification to the police where CRFC is obliged to do so. Individu als should be aware that in certain circumstances where a crime has been commit ted, they may be subject to a criminal investigation by the police over which CRFC will have no control.  

Note that deleting or apologising publicly for an improper posting does not prevent  disciplinary action being taken.  

Sanctions for failing to adhere to this social media Policy may include, but are not  limited to, suspension, or banning from CRFC.  

Take down policy  

Clubs can be vicariously liable for material published by employees in the course of  their employment, for example on an official website, Facebook site or Twitter feed,  or published by employees outside work via a work email address or a work Twitter  handle.  

Clubs can also be liable for third party comments and postings made on any of their  social media platforms.

Therefore, we insist that:  

• Participants clearly identify themselves. 

• Participants follow standards outlined above and align to the WRU’s Core Values  and guidelines.  

• Should an administrator deem an article, post or comment contradicts the guide lines above it will be taken down at the earliest possible opportunity.

• CRFC will hold individuals to account for any breaches.  



The WRU Safeguarding Policy must be adhered to at all times:  

For any safeguarding concerns, please contact the Caerphilly Rugby Club  Safeguarding Officer, Ceri Nicholls