10 November 2019 / Team News

Rhodri Mawr shines as Cae win again!

Rhodri Mawr shines as Cae win again!

Treharris 17-33 Cae

A last minute change of venue and it’s off to Treharris Park we go.

just leave your car at the bottom and walk up they said, it’s only a short stroll up.....

Anyhow, I’d like to extend my personal thanks to mountain rescue for all their help, I know those helicopters don’t come cheap...

A huge green army welcome to Connor and Rhodri, welcome aboard the good ship Cae, good to have you aboard.

First half:  19-10

This was a cracking game of rugby,  two excellent sides went at it hammer and tong, extremely physical but always played in the correct spirit.

Cae were on the front foot for the first ten minutes, but some incredible tackling and excellent rucking kept us off the scoresheet.

We put the ball through the hands and the Bonnie Prince himself is away, Charlie was superb today, he beats several men and goes over for our first try, charging  towards the line, like an Englishman trying to get hold of the bloke that sold him his world cup final ticket.  Ross converts with a nonchalant flick of his boot from wide out.

Treharris come straight back into it, Hudson, Jack and Alex showing up well for them, we will have to watch those three. A kick over the top and their pacy winger is surely going to touch it down to score, no, Little Ry has got there first.....wait, the ref has said it’s a try, what controversy!  It goes to VAR and with nothing clear and obvious the decision stands...

We come again in this see saw game and Sawyer almost scores, he’s stopped an inch from the line, so unlucky...but a minute later he isn’t to be denied, as a lovely blindside run sees him race over.

As half time approaches we score again, Charlie, having his best game of the season, goes over again, beating five defenders on the way.

Ross converts to complete the scoring.

Second half: Treharris 17-33 Cae

Little Ry is at his jinking best this half, one move is exactly like Kolbe rounding the hapless Farrell in the World Cup final as he leaves his defender grasping thin air.

Treharris break down the wing, but run into debutant Conner, who sends them back where they came from with a strong tackle.

Our debutant Rhodri, now comes into his own, he drives the team forward with a succession of powerful runs, making huge yardage each time and parting the home defence like Bobby Charltons hair...

Morgan’s physicality is making a big difference up front, being tackled by him is akin to being taken down by a grizzly bear and attackers tend to choose a different path next time they have the ball.

Cae’s forward and backs are purring in harmony now and after further pressure Big Lew shows a nice line in side steps to go over. Ross converts smartly again.

Next up it’s Charlie, who bags a hat trick, with another ridiculously strong run, leaving a string of defenders in his wake as he powers over. Ross converts.

To be fair, Treharris never gave up. Sawyer, Henry and Jack really stood out for them, tackling everything that moved.

Their hard work was rewarded with the final try of the game, going over after a spell of pressure as our defence finally yielded after making a string of last ditch tackles, including a great one from Ieuan.

Man of the Match 

Was Rhodri, for a startlingly good debut, he ran and tackled with huge intensity, we can all look forward to seeing more of this in the future, opposing teams beware!

When asked what he put his remarkable effort down to, he replied..” I saw the way England rolled over against the Boks in the final and was so disappointed , then I compared that to the heroic way Wales played against them, even with such a depleted team.  I said to myself, it’s the Welsh way for me!”

Fine words indeed, onwards and upwards for the green army

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