22 April 2018 / Team News

Tyler shines as Cae turn the tables on Abergavenny

Tyler shines as Cae turn the tables on Abergavenny!

Cae 21-19 Abergavenny 

So, the final game of the season and the little wonders  have been getting better and better as the season has gone on.  
A good performance in this final game of the season would be vital ahead of our cup final in May, and we were all pretty confident that we could give anyone a game as long as it’s not Abergavenny, they are light years ahead of us and blasted us to smithereens earlier in the season for our biggest defeat of the season.

Wait a minute, what’s that you say, we have Abergavenny...ah well, give it your best shot  you little green maestros and we will see what happens..

First half:  Cae 7-12 Abergavenny 

Abergavenny are a superb rugby side, with strong robust forwards and skilful backs with a lightening turn of speed. They dominated the early stages with their physicality before Liam won a penalty with his best Ellis Jenkins impression to give us a break from defence.
Back came Abergavenny though and a brilliant passing move saw them notch the first of the games tries.
Cae continued to battle hard with Tommy Lewis having one of his best games of the season at fly half, he loves a challenge and rose to the occasion today.
Ross tackling well and running hard started to make a difference and Big Lew wasn’t for flinching today. A spell of pressure saw Cae camped on the Aber line and a try is signalled, difficult to see who’s got the final touch amid the mass of bodies but the last man up is.....Jack E. Great reward for the little battler.

Aber, as expected came back hard at us and scored another good try to go ahead by five at the interval, though they missed the conversion.

Note: Aber had one of their players injured in this half and all involved with Caerphilly wish him all the best and hope he gets well soon.

Second half:  Cae 21-19 Aber

Cae, who had now seen that they could compete with Aber, flew into the second half as if Chris Jackson had promised them a win bonus...Charlie, having his usual sensational game, made a break and galloped through the Aber defences, tackled just before the line he needed support or it would be a wasted effort, thankfully, he looks inside and there on his shoulder is Jack L showing great support play to race over under the sticks. It’s not normal to have two Jack of hearts in a pack but that’s what we had today...
Tom added the extras to nudge us ahead.

Battle was well and truly joined now, Kody showing his usual defensive strength and Tyler started to come to the fore, bravely tackling and cutting incisive lines with his deft running.

Little Ry, who had been showing up well with strong tackling decided to take attacking matters into his own hands and raced up the touchline with such speed that he left scorch marks right up the length of the pitch before a sidestep left him in the clear to score under the posts. Tom added the extras to leave us with a relatively comfortable lead with just five minutes to go.

Our teams love of excitement wouldn’t allow them to close the game out quietly though and a late rally by Aber saw them score and convert to narrow the gap to just two points. There was a last minute full of tension before a knock on brought proceeding to a close leaving the team and parents with wider smiles than a Cheshire Cat who’d just backed the winner of the grand national. 

Man of the Match 

Was Tyler for a game bristling with elan and gusto, he’s a lovely lad and deserves this accolade. When asked what he put his fine performance down to, he replied “didn’t you see the Cardiff Blues yesterday? How could I not be brilliant after being inspired by that?” Wise words indeed, onwards and upwards to our.....Cup Final.

No matter what happens in that cup final, these legends are already winners thanks to their attitude and dedication, which they’ve shown all season.  See you in May!


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