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A decade of junior rugby

A decade of junior rugby.

Ten years, that can’t be right, it doesn’t seem so long ago really, Helen says Caerphilly Mini rugby team are looking for players, his friends at school have joined, shall we sign Liam up too? Urm, why not, might be fun… and so it begins….

Tag rugby
For the first two years it’s tag rugby, all you hear the coaches shout is “run forward!” as confused six years olds run this way and that, trying to avoid getting tagged by lightening fast kids from Tondu or Abercwmboi…
When your child scores their first try, you celebrate as if it’s the winner for Wales in the World Cup final, but soon calm down as most tag game results are around 45-44.

Even though you’ve lived in South Wales all your life, you start to realise that you don’t know the local area well at all, ten years ago was still the era of following someone with an older child, someone who knew the way; these convoys of bewildered parents would head to St Peters or St Julians, everyone desperately trying not to get cut off from  the group at traffic lights….inevitably, you would become detached from the convoy and the biggest husband/wife row of the week would be caused by blaming each other for getting lost on the way to Abertillery….

Car parks
One of the first things you learn in junior rugby, is to avoid the car parks, the post code you will be given is to the club car park, however, this car park will only ever have space for seven minis and there will be 14,065 kids playing on the pitches at roughly the same time.

This group of dedicated (mad?) people give up their time to not only support their own child, but yours too!  They teach them skills for life, they teach your child that nobody ever loses, not if they always give their best. They arrive early, leave late and leave wonderful memories that will warm the heart of your child as long as they live.

This group of dedicated (mad?) people organise everything, the club wouldn’t run without these people, the team wouldn’t have a kit, wouldn’t know where it was playing on a Sunday, wouldn’t have funds for the little treat your child gets at Christmas..hats off to them!

Your child meets new friends, from a different school! Eek!  These new friends put an arm around your child’s shoulder after a dropped catch or missed tackle, they encourage your child to be better, they protect your child in the heat of a game if needed.  They grow into non rugby friends, they grow into lifetime friends, enriching your child for many years to come.

The Club
The club welcomes your child, allows your child to feel part of something, organises fantastic events, fun packed tours and provides opportunity for all. The club provides a safe space for your child to grow through the years, ensures your child is protected and has the opportunity to thrive.  Long live grass roots rugby!

The Game
Rugby is a great sport. Everyone can find a role in rugby, whether you are big or small, whippet fast or stout and strong, there will be a place for you.
It’s the end of an era for Caerphilly under 16s, but the club has done its job, these players are ready for the world now.

What’s that you say Helen? Youth rugby?


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