09 January 2022 / Team News

Cobra Kai! His runs are fast as lightning….

Cobra Kai! His runs are fast as lightning 

Cae 66-0 Llantwit Major

Happy New Year! Our first ever game against Llantwit Major and for the first time in many a year we have a full squad, in fact we have 17 players….

Almost unbelievably the opposition only have 14 so we have three on the bench, (three on the bench!) that hasn't happened since tag rugby, when the Beatles were still playing live, Everton were good and corona was a soft drink….

A huge green army welcome to Zak, Liam, Louis and Rueben, great to have you on board, enjoy the season. Welcome back to Cam too, you’ve been missed.

First half Cae 33–0 Llantwit 

You have to pay credit to Llantwit today, with players missing and up against a determined Cae they gave everything for the entire match, never let their heads drop and competed well for the entire game. Hats off to every player….

Straight from the kick off Cae attack and it isn’t long before Rhodri Mawr goes over…what’s this..Tom Lewis is kicking again…it’s just like 2019..he slots it over no problem.

Zak is next to score, he races through defenders like a Tasmanian Devil who’s just seen his favourite team lose at home to Cambridge..brilliant try, power and speed is a hell of a combination…Tom Converts..of course…

Big Lew joins the party, Llantwit can’t cope with the big runners who keep breaking through, I’m not sure many defences could to be fair.. Tom Converts…

Jack is ten yards out with a lot of opposition between him and the line, that doesn’t matter, he’s going over..great finish.

Zak grabs a second, this is some debut…Tom Converts…

Second Half Cae 66-0 Llantwit 

This half starts much the same as the first half with Rhodri picking up the ball in his own half and racing away, he gets better each game.

Kody fancies a run now and he’s beating opposition players for fun to go over under the sticks..Tom Converts..

Llantwit are tiring now, it’s not easy without subs, but still they battle for everything, they really deserve all the plaudits possible for a determined effort.

Kai has been having a very good game, making lots of ground, but now he takes it a step further, getting the ball on the touch line he cuts inside, beats two defenders and is gone..whoosh, he’s over in the blink of an eye, stunning try, his Dad races over to him and gives him a huge hug, I hear Kai say: “I’m deliberately going to knock it on next time, if that’s going to happen”……Tom Converts.

Big Lew gets his second, he’s such a strong runner that it’s very difficult to take him down when he gets going, great strength. Tom, wait, what’s this…Big Lew is taking this, he walks up and pops it through the posts as if he does it every game…

Louis rounds off the scoring with a fine try, he’s had a fine game…you know what’s coming next…Tom Converts…

Man of the match 

Was Kai, for a great all round performance, showing determination and skill throughout the game…oh and for that hug….

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