14 October 2019 / Team News

Jack battles against the Storm

Jack battles against the Storm 



With storm James causing havoc through Caerphilly in the early hours of the morning before moving north up through Mid wales (leaving Helen to pick up and deal with the aftermath) we all wondered if the game would be going ahead today, luckily for us those Romans could not only build great roads but also their drainage systems are also second to none.


With the realisation of a slightly less important match being played over in Japan the decision was made to delay our match by half an hour, so the troops leave the protection of Caerphilly Castle to head over to the Roman Legion fortress and Baths of Caerleon. Unfortunately, the boys had to endure lots of showers in the extended warmup rather than experiencing the Roman baths where I believe the opposition retired to until 15 mines before the start of the match.


First Half 27-07 


And so with the opposition well and truly rested they came out full charge at our boys who battled hard to resist their attack with Ryan making a fine last gap touch down to stop a certain try, from the following 5 Meter scrum they manage to spread the ball out and score their first try, this onslaught of our defences continued and they score another 3 try’s making it 27-0. We bring on Charlie and he makes an impact straight away from the kick off, we put pressure on NHSOB and Charlie gets the ball and gallops away to score our first points of the match which he also converts. First Half ends 27-07 to Caerleon.


Second Half 48-19

We come out in the second half and control the first 5 mins and should score but just can’t get past them and the ball suddenly goes loose with their big number 6 picking up in his own 22 and sprinting away to score, after some great defensive work from Jack Llewellyn who all through the match had been working like a Trojan to close down their space and  making some great tackles we again get into their 22 and get closer and closer to their line and then suddenly it’s a try as Jack Elliott has picked the ball up and sneaked through their defence to score and again we convert the try to make it 34—14.

We gather the kick off and spread it wide and Charlie sees space behind their full back and puts a kick in from our 22 into theirs and we chase down and manage to get the ball and go through a few forward drives but then knock on and it’s a scum to them but wait we win the scrum and Kai picks up and runs for the line with support from Big Lew who is given the ball and crashes over to make it 34-19, can we come back into this game! 

Again they put us under pressure but we are strong in defence, the ref gives them a penalty in our 22 and they take it quickly and catch our boys out to score and convert, we put pressure on them again in their half with a minute to go but we decide to kick the ball away with them catching in their 22 and running through open space to score with the last play of the match to make it 48-19 at the final whistle.


Man of the Match was Jack Llewellyn 

Jack has really impressed of late with his quick line speed and tackling, today he led the back line really well in closing down on the opposition to stop them getting space to play. He puts this down to battling the school dinner line so he can get all the healthy food to build up his strength then putting this into play in his rugby.

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