15 January 2023 / Team News

Stunning Seth Seals Semi!

Stunning Seth Seals Semi!

Dragons Cup Quarter Final: Pooler 10-15 Cobras

The weather had delayed this one a few times, but everyone felt it would be worth the wait…and it really was.

The Cobras came into this game with a few injuries, but that is how it is in rugby, a teams strength lies in its squad.

The game was played at altitude to avoid the flooding and the wind swirled like a highland hooley, perfect rugby weather….

As the Duke of Wellington once said about a little battle, this was: “The nearest run thing you ever saw in your life”

First half: Pooler 10-15 Cobras

Up and under here we go, are you ready yes or no?  Pooler are famous for their pack and in particular their front row, somethings never change, they were superb today.

From the kick off we were turned over and the Pooler pack marched upfield, as we struggled to cope with the onslaught. Pooler got the ball to their tall, fast centre and he beat a few would be tacklers to go over. Conversion missed.

This start was a shock to the system, the team knew they would have to give everything to get over the line today.

Gradually we got into the game, Cole and Oliver tackling everything that came near them and the pack gaining parity, Shane tried a few breaks but was stopped by some powerful tackling, maybe it just wouldn’t be his day today…..ahem.

Our tackling improved through the half, Gracie soon closed the door on any Pooler back foolish enough to head her way and Luca and Keagan follow suit.

Our pack were fearless, Blake, Luke, Dan, Joey, Sam K, Sam F, Jack L  all making ground until we get near the pooler line, then like a ball out of a cannon, Seth fires toward the Pooler line, he’s lightning  quick and is over the line leaving grasping tacklers in his wake.  Great try and we are back in it. It’s not a day for conversions and Harry J just misses.

Pooler come straight back at us, they have such strong runners and score again. Conversion missed.

Can we respond again? You betcha. 

Another strong rumble by the pack,it’s turned over,  pooler kick it straight to Shane, the Elvis of the valleys, with a shake of the hips, he returns the ball to sender, he knows it’s now or never, With a shimmy and a burst of pace, he’s over, leaving the pooler defence all shook up and wondering if he’s the devil in disguise.  What a stunning score. conversion missed.

The ref blows up, we all take a breath, what a game.

Second half: Pooler 10-15 Cobras

Cobras started this half well, looking lively all over the pitch, Finlay stealing a scrum against the head and Max tackling strongly.

Shane goes on another sensational run, what a player he is. He beats a succession of players to go over. Harry misses the conversion as the wind takes it wide.

Next up, Jac G goes on a trademark strong run, he almost scores, but is denied by some strong defence. We strive for the try for the next five minutes, but can’t get over, eventually getting turned over.

With Pooler needing a try to level, they give it everything,Rhys is battling hard and Jacob is carrying superbly to hold them at bay.

In the last ten minutes, Pooler attack and Cobras defend their line heroically , Pooler attack and attack, finally in the dying seconds they go over, our brave resistance is broken, but wait….The ref has disallowed it, for an illegal movement.

Harry J kicks superbly for touch from the resulting penalty, we play out the last minute with the forwards controlling the ball superbly, until time is up. 

A loud blast on the whistle, it’s over and both sides collapse to the floor, it’s been one hell of a battle.

What a stunning game of rugby, a superb effort from both sides, played in excellent spirit. Both teams shake hands and hug, all friends now.

Player of the match

Was Seth, for a superb performance all game, it was a master class on the art of scrum half play and topped off with a snipers try! 

Love and Hisses

🐍 🏉 💚 

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