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Rhymney and Cae produce a rugby classic

Rhymney and Cae produce a rugby classic!

Rhymney 29 - 24 Cae

Oh, what can you give me?
Say the sad bells of Rhymney.

They will plunder willy nilly
Say the bells of Caerphilly.

Our first ever visit to Rhymney, so forgive me for quoting the lyrics of the only hit pop song to mention the two towns that bookend our lovely Valley. Urm..I think...

First half: Rhymney 24- 9 Cae

The bells of Rhymney tolled for a darn good game of rugby today, it was a pleasure to sit in the stand of this picturesque ground and enjoy a cracking game.

The game was a strange one, the Cae forwards, those unsung heroes, who spend every game with their noses in the mud like wallowing pigs, were brilliant.

So how did we lose? Well, it went like this...

Cae dominate possession for the first ten minutes, we march the ball into the Rhymney 22 and then... a knock on...Rhymney pounce, spreading the ball wide, cleverly creating an overlap and their pacy winger does the rest, it’s a classic counter attack and beautifully worked.

Cae dominate up front again, win a penalty and kick for the corner.  With anticipation building amongst the travelling fans...we lose the line out, Rhymney spring out of defence exactly like they did for the earlier try and...score again...incredibly, we are 14-0 down.

Cae dominate again...but...this time it’s different.  Jayden is like a bull in a china shop, and more than that, this is a china shop that has overcharged his Dad for his favourite vanilla latte in the cafe, Jayden is running very hard.

The ball is recycled again, and comes to Ross the boss, ten yards out. You know the rest of the story don’t you? People don’t stop Ross from ten yards out and he smashes past three defenders to get our first score.

Surely we will be ok now?  Liam wins a penalty when the opposing player doesn’t release the ball, we kick to touch, we win the line out, we knock on....the opposition break in similar style to their first two tries and score again.

And there is still time for us to chase downfield after strong play from Morgan and then Hudson, these are two strong players and very hard to stop, I have to say what happened next?  We lose the ball and Rhymney break away again to score a fourth try of the half.

The whistle blows and the boys walk off scratching their heads, whilst parents in the stand aren’t sure whether to cheer our excellent performance or rise to acknowledge the superb counter attacking of the Rhymney backs, so we do both...

Second half:  Rhymney 29-24 Cae

We needed to score first to have any chance of a comeback, and we duly did.

Big Lew charges forward, Charlie gallops on further, sawyer makes more yardage and we are well in their half. 

We have a scrum... the ball squirts one sees it...apart from our lightening quick flier on the wing, Kai! He swoops on it in an instant, but still has much to do, in a flash he has beaten the two opposition defenders facing him and is over for a try before they know what’s hit them.  His grandad is just in front of me and bangs his head on the stand, so high does he leap to acclaim the wonderful effort from his boy.

We are well on top now, the forwards are punching holes with every run, keeping it tight and controlling things brilliantly.  Hudson wins a penalty, we march downfield, the ball falls loose over the try line and after a scramble, the ref awards a try!  Parents in the stand look confused, no one can see what’s happened there?  But looking at the replay on the big screen, all becomes clear, Jack Elliott has ghosted in to get an incredible score. Ross converts beautifully and we are right back in it.

But... we knock on...Rhymney break and have a three on one against Ryan..the odds aren’t in their favour enough though and he stops the attack in its tracks again..but it’s recycled and we don’t have enough people who have got back and they score. We must keep working on our fitness.

There was just time for one last forward master class from to Tyler here, the scrum half marshalled this prolonged forward attack beautifully... Sawyer takes it forward, Liam takes it forward, Morgan takes it forward, Hudson takes it forward...all making massive ground and then... Jayden has gone back to that china shop and he’s fuming.. he’s received the delivery and one of the cups is broken, the china shop manager has refused to give him a refund though... it’s not pretty, Jayden smashes that china shop to bits and goes over for a well deserved try! Fantastic.

Ross converts, but there is no time for an equalising try.

The ref blows up, what a great game!

Man of the match 

Was Jayden, for a rampaging performance all over the park, simply brilliant.

When asked what he put his dominant performance down to, he replied. 

“its simple really, before the game my Dad spent ten minutes giving me advice on all aspects of my game and saying what I should do in particular situations”.  I nod, indicating he should continue.. “and then I went out and did exactly the opposite”

Ahhh, wise words indeed, onwards and upwards

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