13 November 2022 / Team News

Jelfsy joy as Cobras win again!

Jelfsy joy as Cobras win again!

Llantrisant 0-26 Cobras

ILLTYD, GWYNNO and DYFFODWG… that’s right, the three saints who founded the town.  Let’s hope they aren’t on the home teams side today, as the green army play the black army of Llantrisant.

On a ridiculously beautiful day, warm as May, supporters gathered in t shirts to see their beloved Cobras on their travels.

First Half:  Llantrisant 0- 12 Cobras

The Black army get their nickname from the Llantrisant longbowmen, who fought with the Black Prince and like their heroes of yesteryear they fought with passion and skill today.  The game was very even for the first fifteen minutes, with neither side giving an inch.

Gradually the Cobras got on top, through their defence.   The Cobras defence has been superb lately, with the team looking for their third consecutive clean sheet today, it’s very hard for teams get through us up front or around the backs. It was from such strong defence that the first try came, Llantrisant were pushed further and further back until a dropped pass was pounced on by Cameron who won’t be stopped, unless you have some pretty heavy weaponry, even the olden longbowmen would scarper from him charging at them…

The Black Prince might have been a force to be reckoned with, but he must yield when the King is in the house: the second half ended with King Keagan running beautifully to beat several defenders and touch down under the posts.  Harry J converted.

Second half:  Llantrisant 0-26 Cobras

The second half was very similar to the first, with Llantrisant playing really well, but just being unable to find a way through due to resolute Cobra defence.

Again, once we had weathered the storm, we started to dominate.  What did we have on the shelf that could change this game?  Jelf on the shelf! Jelfsy had been excellent all game, he’s getting stronger with each passing week this season and he took his try like a young Tomos Williams..picking the ball up after a ruck, he moved like lightning, to get the ball down under the posts before the opposition had reacted to him picking it up. Superb try! Harry J converted.

As the game was coming to a close, it felt like something was missing..ah yes, where is the Elvis of the valleys with a wonder try from his own half?  Can’t be expected to do that every week to be fair, not in games of this standard….anyway, with time almost up Shane picks the ball up in his own half and goes on a run, he beats one players with a sidestep, the next with a trademark shimmy, the next with a bend from the hips and..sprints away to score under the posts… Harry J converts.

Moments later, the ref, who was excellent today, blows up and the Cobras shake hands with their friends from the Black army and the valiant soldiers head off for a welcome burger.

Love and Hisses 🐍 🏉 💚 

Player of the Match

Was Harry Jelfs, for a top notch performance full of darting runs, arrow like passing and brave tackling, all topped off with a really sharp try in the second half.

Well played indeed!

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