24 April 2022 / Team News

Cobra’s cream rises to the top in Devon

Cae v Topsham


Topsham 0-45 Cobras

First up, many thanks to everyone who organised this fantastic weekend away,  a great time was had by all, with kids heroically combatting the lack of Wi-Fi/4G in the caravans by playing on the arcade fruit was a bit like time travelling back to the 1980s.

Thank you Briony/Hwyel, everything was spot on, a lot of work will have gone in to this over many, many months, time for a well deserved pat on the back. 👏 

Really great to see Harri Fortt this weekend and a fond farewell to Gracie, hope you will both stay in touch, you will be much missed.

There were four games played, all wins, but I’ve done the report on the only one I watched the whole way through….

First half Topsham 0-20 Cobras

It was a cagey start, with both sides practicing the art of sideways rugby and lacking go forward,  before..Bang! Mighty Jack Llewelyn jackals the ball at ruck time and then  nonchalantly beats a succession of defenders to waltz over.
The Cobras are struggling a bit with the English rules ( a bit of Marlow deja vu) and find the ball ripped from them a few times, but the general play is as exemplary as ever with Jack Hopkins and Harry Jelfs playing with the ghost like elegance of little Barry Johns and Seth, dynamic as ever, buzzing around the field like a wasp chasing Dans donut around the garden…

Charlie and Sam F are dominant in the centre and and Sam bags the next try with a trademark strong run to barrel over, with many seasoned observers remarking that Scott Gibbs try against England in 1999 was very similar…

Sonny, who had a great morning of rugby, scored the next try after another turnover before that Elvis of the Cobras team, Shane, struck again, he’s a brilliant runner, whenever someone gets near him, he swivels his snake hips and is away to score a try.

Second half:  Topsham 0-45 Cobras

Topsham have some skilful ball handlers, great tacklers and never stop battling, they are a credit to their parents and club, but it’s not their day today.

The Cobras are on fire this half, Dan charges down a kick and after a scramble, he gets the ball and goes over for the first try of the second half.

Joey is a master of the dark art of hooking and Topsham can’t win a scrum, which consistently means the Cobras have the ball. After yet another strike against the head the ball goes through the hands to Jack, who races under the posts, Topsham are struggling to handle his physicality.

Topsham are tiring now, it’s been a valiant effort, but, as they get tired, they kick more..which, is a big mistake…..because, waiting for the ball is a young man by the name of Keagan… he gets the ball and sprints like an Everton fan trying to get away from Anfield this afternoon, or a Cobra parent trying to avoid the eye of Dean and Mike in the tour courtroom.  Keagan is unstoppable against tired defences and scores three superb tries to end proceedings.

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