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23/04/2017 18:46
Big Lew takes Newport old boys back to school!

 Big Lew takes Newport old boys back to school!Newport HSOB 15-40 CaeOur second ever visit to Caerleon and the main concern this time was avoiding the lanes we got stuck in back in 2014: inevitably despite my best efforts I found myself facing a juggernaut half way down that very same lane half hour after departure.It was particularly kind of Helen to comment "isn't this the lane you wanted to avoid?" As I reversed back around various twisting corners....First half: Newport 10-20 CaeThis team contained quite a few Newport district players and it was clear early on that we .....

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Jared Lougher @jared_lougher
27/04/2017 12:07:02
Come and join us in @CaerphillyCBC @sport_leisure supporting @dragonsrugby #OnTheRoad #SupportYourRegion… https://t.co/zUiE6hktmj
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Alex James™ @AlexJames_97
26/04/2017 23:22:24
@simonrug @WalesRugby effort by @caerphillyrugby members & volunteers in preparation 4 @dragonsrugby game is story in itself #togetherasone
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Pete Grzonka @fatpete1
26/04/2017 23:22:01
Might get the guys from the @constuctaquote Stadium to do my new bath room! #qualityjob https://t.co/TzU7pawYUc
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Dai Jenkins @dai7jenkins
26/04/2017 23:21:57
@fatpete1 @dragonsrugby @istadia @constructaquote @cardiff_blues fantastic that the Dragons V Blues match will leave a legacy #Community
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