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15/05/2017 09:41
Join The British & Irish Lions Tour Party!

The Learning with the Lions programme was created to explore, capture and share the unique learning opportunities that only a Lions Tour can provide with the aim of helping growing the game across the four home nations. The journey has begun with our Pick of the Pride Search which will see a team of Ambassadors travel to New Zealand and document how they interact, collaborate and learn with each other and local New Zealand rugby clubs before bringing it back to their clubs to share the knowledge they have gained. You and your club can get involved too! For Clubs at Home: Sign up within t.....

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Angel Bar & Grill @AngelBarGrill
23/05/2017 21:05:41
@caerphillyrugby @CaerphillyR @Creazione_Info don't forget super cider Sunday with hendredennys own Amanda James singing! Bring your friends
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Jo Hartley 🍓 @JoHartley3
23/05/2017 19:58:08
Loving our new local @AngelBarGrill
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Angel Bar & Grill @AngelBarGrill
23/05/2017 19:58:06
Great opening 3 days thank you for your support #hendredenny and the people of #Caerphilly
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Angel Bar & Grill @AngelBarGrill
23/05/2017 19:58:02
Great to see @AmyMariePrice and her younger sister in the pub tonight
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