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Charlie- Prince of the Universe

 Charlie – Prince of the Universe


Oakdale 0 Caerphilly 54 (I think!)


A long time ago in a galaxy far far away…………………..wait…..I’m sure somebody has already used that start somewhere?

As you might have guessed our regular roving reporter, morale boosting manager and lucky mascot Joyful Jim can’t be with us today, neither can his deputy editor or his deputy deputy editor, so unfortunately for everyone else its down to me to make an attempt at this!

Right then how does he normally start these things…….oh yes with some useful and interesting facts about who we are playing………..

So todays opponents are Oakdale, I have no doubt many of you would have read on line that when viewed from the air the estate of Oakdale bears an uncanny resemblance to the Millennium Falcon, a spaceship in the Star Wars universe commanded by smuggler Han Solo and his Wookie first mate Chewbacca. Take a look at Google maps if you have any doubt and you might notice that Oakdale Library sits right where the Gun Well would be, while Oakdale Rugby Club is located at the site of the starship’s Quadex Power Core. So all in all plenty to see when we get there…………..or there would have been but Hurricane Maria had other ideas and due to bad weather the game was relocated to the thriving metropolis of Ystrad Mynach……….ah well it will give us something to look forward to seeing next year.

Now then more importantly the game…………….

1st Half - Oakdale 0 Caerphilly 28

On a rain soaked day the view from the stands made the pitch look huge, it would certainly be a test of the players’ fitness as both teams had limited subs. From the off Caerphilly took the ball and the forwards charged back at the opposition, the ball was quickly spun out and it ended up in little Ryan’s hands who promptly took a electric arcing run from the halfway line and left the opposition in his wake to make the opening score. Tom L steps up and the conversion is good!. Then a good battle ensued with both teams gaining ground back and forth between the halfway line and each others’ 22’s, only for little Ryan with his pace and guile to be in for his second. Conversion good again from Tom L. Next came some dancing feet and good ground gained by Cam which was carried on by the forwards, along the backs and following a snaking run Tom L was on the try scoring sheet with a conversion to follow!. Not content to rest the Caerphilly forwards drove the next play on with some good interplay and close passing in difficult condition each player giving their all. It culminated in Ross thundering through the line the ball being spun out and Jess being on hand to score under the posts. Conversion by Tom L once more!

Final Score – Oakdale 0 Caerphilly 54

The second half brought no let up in the rain and following an injury to an Oakdale player both sides had to reduce to 14 a team… now even more ground to cover with less people! From a well won Caerphilly scrum Tom L was once again off on a decisive run from the 22 and made it to the line, which he immediately converted for the extra points. Next it was the turn of our own Wookie and following a quick dart from Cam , Charlie started a strong run from inside Oakdales’ half, the opposition, try as they might couldn’t bring him down and it resulted in another try for the Green Army. Conversion good once more. Legs were getting tired now, but that would teach me for not sitting down, but the players on the pitch just wouldn't let up. Caerphilly put Oakdale under a long period of pressure keeping their opponents encamped on the ten yard line and Charlie almost grabbed an interception but ended up colliding with the goal post, I’m certain there was a dent left there as he walked away!. Again the forwards came into play with short sharp drives from all team members, nice offloads to ensure the pressure was kept up and finally Oakdale couldn’t stop big Ryan crashing through the defence to score. To be fair to Oakdale they never gave up and kept attacking to the bitter end but the final blow came when little Ryan once more had the ball in his hands on the halfway line let loose his hyperdrive and flew past the defence to score a final try.

It was an amazing team effort by all the players today, they may not all be named on the score sheet but they should all be very proud of themselves for the commitment, effort and determination they all showed in producing this great team win. Special mention should also be made to one very important temporary waterboy today, no I don’t mean Coach Lewis but instead Kodi for his neverending enthusiasm and encouragement to his team from the sidelines.

The man of the match was Charlie, an amazing effort in which he displayed all the wisdom of Yoda, the strength of Chewbacca and the cunning of a Wamp Rat fighting for survival against the Sarlacc in the Great Pit of Carkoon (ask your kids they will know!), at one point the Oakdale coach was overheard saying “the force is strong in this one”. When asked what he put the heroic efforts of the day down to “Well I always heed the words of my Jedi Master Coaches and they said I was to run like a gazelle, charge like a rhino and if I ever saw a lion I should never try to pat it on its head!”……..wise words indeed young padawan

Onwards and upwards little green army and may the force be with you!


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