30 September 2018 / Team News

Titanium Tommy takes down the ironmen!

 Titanium Tommy takes down the ironmen!

Cae 31-17 Merthyr 

Our first ever match against Merthyr!  The ironmen were one of the eleven founding clubs of the WRU way back in 1881 and they are not too bad these days either, currently sitting in third place in the principality premiership.

So we knew that the adult team were one of the best sides in Wales, we were about to find out that the under 13s were pretty good too...

First half: Cae 7-5 Merthyr

What a tough half this was, Merthyr dominated the first fifteen minutes, strong and purposeful up front and dynamic and well organised amongst the backs, this was a real challenge!

At first, our boys struggled to work it out, giving away penalties and being guilty of the occasional bit of backchat such was the frustration level. 

Bit by bit though, the boys worked their way back into it and started to hold their own, Charlie took the ball in our own half, beat the first two tacklers to create space and then galloped away to score. The try was converted superbly by Tom from right out by the touchline.

Merthyr bounced back though, with a lovely try, it almost seemed like their number 13 was coated in Teflon, such was the difficulty our boys had in getting hold of him.

Second half:  Cae 31-17 Merthyr

We were fantastic this half, Tommy Lewis was simply brilliant throughout, he worked his socks off defensively, making more tackles than anyone else on the team from fly half and also managed the game in a way that would have had Barry John blushing with jealousy at his talent.

Charlie was too much for a tiring defence to handle (to be fair, he’s too much for a fully fit defence to handle generally) and he scored two quick tries to nab a hat trick and stretch our lead to 17-5 

After his second try though, we dropped the kick off and they scored from the resultant scrum to close the gap.

Jack Elliott pushed Cae further ahead with a sniping try,  just reward for a fiery performance, working hard all over the pitch. Tom converted it so beautifully that we lost the ball in a back garden...that house must be a dream to live in, with the ability to watch such magnificent rugby as this from your back bedroom.

But.... we dropped the kick off restart again guessed it...the iron boys  scored a try from the resultant scrum again to close the gap.. an area for the coaches to work on ahead of the next game perhaps...

The scoring was rounded off by a try from the ages, Tommy once again spotted an opportunity and placed a kick over the top, which he raced after himself, in one movement he swooped on it and offloaded to a marauding Cam who went under the posts to score. Tom converted to end proceedings.

Man of the Match

Was Tommy Lewis for a stunning all round performance, we take for granted these days his genius with ball in hand and magnificent kicking game, but the way he worked his socks off defensively today making tackle after tackle highlighted his determination and  well honed team ethos.  Brilliant!

When asked what he put his performance down to, he replied “I don’t care if you are Fulham, the USA Ryder cup team or Merthyr under 13s, this was going to be a weekend when you came away empty handed”

Fine words indeed, onwards and upwards for the green army!

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