26 February 2017 / Team News

Cae are Tyler made for success!

Cae are Tyler made for success!

Bedwas 0-60 Cae

Hats off to Bedwas for keeping this fixture alive over the least few years, I'm not sure they've ever had a full team and today only had seven players, despite this though their morale was high throughout, a real testament to the great work of their coaches.

First half: Bedwas 0-25 Cae

Right, I'll make this clear from the start, we scored a billion tries today and my finger almost fell off keeping up with them, please be sympathetic if you discover I've missed a try, or got a name wrong:)
Firstly, a big thank you to all the boys that swapped allegiances to play for Bedwas today, it's not fun playing against your team mates but we wouldn't have had a game at all otherwise.
We scored five tries this half as we understandably dominated from the start, the try scorers were Tom Evans, little Ry, Tom Evans, Tom Lewis and Ross.
A noticeable star this half was Tyler who nearly scored a couple of tries himself and offered great support throughout. Tyler also tackled extremely well, in particular stopping a big forward right in his tracks with one huge crunching effort.

Second half: Bedwas 0-60 Cae

Bedwas battled boyfully this half and worked really hard, however it seemed that whenever the ball ended up with one of our lightening backs we scored, even from deep in our own half.
On the try scoring cast list this half were: Oliver (with a sensational long range run!, his Dad must be teaching him how to score from inside your own half like in his own playing days..) Ross notched a fine second, little Ry scored an obligatory sensational long range try, Tom Lewis got his second and Henry came to the party with his second brilliant hat trick of the season, he genuinely seems impossible to tackle when in full flow.

Man of the Match

Was Tyler, for a barnstorming effort all round, displaying some fine wing play in both halves and being robust in the tackle. When asked what he put his brilliant performance down to, he replied. "I'm hoping to inspire the Italian team with my performance today, who knows, they might be so fired up now, they might even be in the lead at half time against England!"
Wise words indeed, but surely that is never going to happen??
Onwards and upwards for the little green 

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