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Henry’s hammer takes the day as Cae scratch six year itch!

Henry’s hammer takes the day as Cae scratch six year itch!

Cae 31-5 Newbridge

Our first ever semi final! After six years together could this band of brothers and sister make it to their first ever final? Newbridge have been one of our closest rivals over the years, probably the team we’ve played the most and the fixtures are always competitive but played with exemplary sportsmanship.  
With so many Caerphilly games called off a huge crowd wanting their rugby fix gathered to spectate, and as the teams stood for the anthems the anticipation was palpable.
Could we do it?

First half:   Cae 17-5 Newbridge 

The ref whistled, the crowd roared and the game began! It soon became clear that this was going to be a real battle as Newbridge took the game to us, they have a strong pack of forwards and a stylish backline and after a series of carries they scored first, going over in the corner was just reward for their opening period of dominance.
Getting the next score would be important and Henry ensured we got it, the ball went through the backs hands until it reached him and running like a young Scotty Gibbs he powered over the line to level the scores up.
We found ourselves on the wrong end of the ref for the next five minutes as we battled to regain possession from a well drilled Newbridge side, before suddenly, Charlie said enough is enough and galloped off a scrum deep in our own half to beat their entire defence and go over for marvellous try, no-one can stop this lad in full flight.
Tom converted the try with that educated left foot of his to add the extras.
Newbridge tried to hit back but whenever they looked like breaking through Little Ry would disabuse them of the idea and drive them into touch.
Just before half time Cae struck again with Kai, Tom, Cam, Kody all having hands on before it came to Charlie again to strike like an angry cobra who hadn’t eaten since Tuesday week and with a sting twice as deadly, one hand off and a burst of pace and he was through.
Half time and we all drew breath....

Second half: Cae 31-5 Newbridge

Newbridge flew out of the traps in this half like the favourite in the 2.30 at Catford.  Ross and Lew boyfully stood up to their forward onslaught, showing their strength with big hits, Liam and Jack L scavenged like demented alley cats on the floor and Jess carried with vim. Still they came... Kai battled on gamely on one leg, Kody shrugged off an injury, Tyler carried strongly and Ayden refused point blank to yield an inch as the pressure built... Jayden, that master of the hookers dark arts cast a spell over his opposite number that would have made Harry Potter yield to his wizardly superior and secured strikes against the head, but still they came....
We are all familiar with tales of defensive heroics from days of yore: Rorkes drift, Thermopylae, Agincourt, Atherton against South Africa etc etc....but surely, the little green defenders of Gwyndy will now be added to the legendary tales for future generations to recall.
A team yellow card was brandished as the ref lost patience with our desperate defence that was occasionally straying into the realms of penalty offences in his eyes and now it was surely a matter of time before the breach was made and Newbridge scored... of course not, you’ve read enough of these reports to know our team never give up. A tackle inches from the line by Charlie and Liam pounced on the ball as if it was a guarantee that he be allowed to play fortnight on the Xbox for 22 hours a day instead of his usual 21, the Newbridge player hung on to the ball in much the same way and the battle was ended when a loud blast on the refs whistle signalled a relieving Cae penalty.
Newbridge were exhausted now after failing to score from such prolonged pressure and Cae were fired up, Sawyer, who must have covered every blade of Astro turf rubber crumb today stole a ball and went over to score a well earned try and Tom converted.
With time running out,  that force of nature, Henry, scored his second try to seal the win and deadly Tom converted again to end proceedings. What a game! The score was extremely harsh, it has to be said, on an excellent Newbridge side, so it was really pleasing to see all our team and the Cae parents and supporters rise to their feet at the end to applaud their efforts, this was duly returned by Newbridge and highlighted a game played with great sportsmanship by all concerns and excellently refereed.

Man of the Match 

Was our Henry for a stunning performance of sizzling running, immense tackling and intelligent passing with the odd ruck monstered too...when asked what he put his performance down to, he replied “I saw the magnificent performance of the Cardiff Blues yesterday and the cruel way it ended, so I steeled my jaw to ensure it wouldn’t happen to Cae today!’ Wise words indeed, onwards and upwards to the final for the green army....

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